There’s nothing worse than the sick feeling in the pit of your stomach when your pet goes missing.  If your pet is missing, please contact us by email at and send a current photo, description and the location where your pet was last seen.  We will send out an alert via email and post it on our site.  Below you will find tips to help you recover your pet and tips on what to do with a stray animal.
How To Find Your Missing Pet
Search your entire home and the surrounding area thoroughly.  If your pet has gone missing in another location, stay within the area and continue to call out his or her name.  Have a cell phone accessible to call a friend or family member for assistance.  If you need to leave, place an article of your clothing in the area where your pet may sense it and return.  Notify businesses and homes within the area and leave contact numbers.
Immediately call the following agencies and shelters and leave a description and contact number.
The Animal Center of Moore County
Also visit for missing pet listings
and to fill out a Lost Pet Report through the Pilot or visit .
Animal Advocates of Moore County, Inc. (AAMC)
Hoke/Raeford Humane Society
Moore Humane Society
Sandhills Animal Rescue League
Solutions For Animals, Inc.
Notify your veterinarian and other animal hospitals.


The Animal Health Center, P.A./Southern Pines
The Animal Heath Center, P.A./West End
Banfield-The Pet Hospital/Petsmart
Carthage Animal Hospital
Cat Health Clinic
Companion Animal Clinic
Spay and Neuter Veterinary Clinic of the Sandhills
Pinetree Animal Hospital
Sandhill Veterinary Hospital
Whispering Pines Animal Hospital
Yadkin Park Animal Hospital
After Hours Small Animal Emergency Service
Put signs around the neighborhood or in the area where your pet was last seen.
Colored posters are best and include a recent picture and description of your pet, all contact numbers (no addresses) and the location and date when your pet disappeared.  You may leave out small physical traits such as: a mole, small patch of colored hair etc., so that you can confirm it’s your pet should you receive a call.  If you choose to offer a reward, don’t list the amount.  Make sure you have voicemail working on all contact numbers.
Pets (like dogs) can wander far very quickly, so distribute fliers within a 30 mile radius or more.
Distribute fliers to the agencies listed above, shelters and veterinarian offices.
If permitted, post your fliers at these businesses in your area:  Gas Stations, Restaurants/Fast Food Places/Bar and Taverns, Convenience/Grocery Stores, Pet Retail Stores/Groomers/Pet Training Facilities, Parks and Recreational Areas, Dog Parks, Laundromats, Churches/Community Centers, Local Police and Fire Departments.
Never give up!
Go door-to-door and let your neighbors know about your missing pet.  Have them ask their young children; kids are more likely to notice animals, since they are outside playing.  Ask your mail carrier, newspaper person and anyone who frequents the area often on business to look out for your pet.  Place a “Lost Pet” ad in the Pilot newspaper. Go to: or .  Check the Lost and Found ads in the paper as well.  Walk, bike, drive or jog through the area that your pet was last seen every day.  Continually check in with the local agencies above and personally stop in. Make it your responsibility to find your pet…NO ONE knows your pet better than you!!
Many animals arrive at the Animal Control Center daily without identification.  Please make sure your pet has proper identification and a rabies tag securely attached to his/her collar.  As a safeguard, have a microchip (a electronic identifier/the size of a grain of rice) implanted into your pet.  Please check with the Animal Center at 910-947-2858 for discounted rates, location and times or contact your veterinarian.  All animals entering shelters or veterinary offices are scanned for microchip identification.
What To Do With A Stray Animal
So now you have this strange furry buddy in the backseat of your car and your wondering what to do next?
Does the animal have a collar with identification on?  If so, you’re almost home!
Check the surrounding area businesses and homes to see if anyone may be the owner.  Look for Missing Pet fliers in the area as well.  Call the agencies listed above, shelters and veterinarian offices to see if anyone may have reported a missing pet that would fit the animal’s description.  Look in the newspaper under Lost and Found to see if there’s a description of a pet that matches your furry buddy.
We’re going for a ride…
The animal may have a microchip.  The Animal Control Center, any veterinarian and some shelters can scan the animal for possible identification.
Decisions, decisions…
You may either surrender the animal to the Animal Center or see if any of the other animal shelters have room available.  You may not be ready to add a pet to your home and that’s okay.  You are doing the right thing by surrendering the animal to the Animal Center because you will be providing the basics of food, water and shelter. 
animal deserves to starve, suffer and/or die from disease or be hit by a car on the streets.
If you would like to adopt your buddy after a 72 hour waiting period, please communicate that to the Animal Center.  Most people who have elected to adopt a stray animal will admit that they were the one who was rescued.
Microchip – Proper Identification – Rabies Tag